Online Payday Loan Safety and Security: 3 Reassuring Essentials

I need a loan for 2000 dollars,” you tell yourself. Then, you take a look at your credit rating. It’s not good enough to make you eligible for a regular bank loan. Or, perhaps you don’t have enough time to wait around for the approval on such a loan. You have an emergency, are strapped for cash, and need the money as soon as possible. Whatever your reasons in applying for an online payday loan may be, your experience with the whole process needs to be safe and secure. Don’t forget that, while it’s far easier to obtain an application for a payday loan, it will still require your personal information. You should never file for a loan unless the application process is transparent and your data is secure. Our website is safe and you can be sure we will never spam, scam, or otherwise abuse you with the information you provide us with. Here’s what you can expect from us in terms of security:

Our Online Payday Loan Site is Encrypted for your Safety

online payday loanSome payday loans online direct lenders operate much like an online scammer. They ask for highly personal identification information, but fail to prove their website is secure. Basically, when you apply for a payday loan via such a website, you make your info available to just about anyone online. Our services are different because we genuinely care about our clients and want them to feel secure when they apply for a loan with us. That’s why we implement an encryption protocol similar to the ones used by the world’s biggest online stores. In plain English, you can be sure that the information you share with us will not be visible to anyone else besides the people it was meant to reach (aka our staff).

Your Sensitive Information is in Good Hands

This brings us to our next point: third-party use of information. Many payday loan scams are based on the very principle of selling the users’ sensitive data and personal identification information to commercial third-parties. These entities spam and sometimes scam users for personal profit. With us, on the other hand, privacy is essential. That’s why, when you apply, we make it mandatory for you to read our Privacy Policy. You can (and should) read the policy on our homepage. It’s also linked to on all the points on the website where we ask for any personal information.

Our site uses cookies – namely the DoubleClick DART Cookie. This cookie implements the Google AdSense platform for advertisements. This cookie sends Google information regarding your visits to this site, as well as to other places online. The search engine colossus then uses this information to better target the ads that it delivers to you and to make them relevant. You can, of course, choose to opt out of the DART cookie using your data via the Google privacy policy. We also collect IP addresses and dates and time of access on our website, because we need to analyze traffic trends and user behavior on our website. However, the information is not linked to your name, or to any other information through which you can be identified.

Our Online Payday Loan Site is Indeed Safe for International Debtors

Last, but certainly not least, our site is safe for people who live abroad who wish to take out a payday loan via our website. If you’re looking for payday loans in Canada, you might come to the conclusion that a U.S.-based loan is not the better option. Because we are online, we provide access to such loans to individuals living anywhere in the world, Canada included. I recommend checking out online reviews of our services, as used by international clients, if you want to make sure we’re legit.


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